Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meeting Family for the 1st time

After a couple of weeks at Home in Vancouver, WA we all leave for NJ to stay with Jim & Phyllis in their new place. It worked out very well as Jenna got to meet Rick & Val my Aunt & Uncle. Jenna took to Val very quickly.

Next Stop - King Ferry, NY

The Crandall Family Reunion is in King Ferry and this was a Great Opportunity for Jenna to meet her cousins, aunts, uncles and Grand Parents. It was a very busy time, but she did very well.

Jenna also got the chance to meet the Miller's our very good friends from Windsor, NY. This photo is of Jenna with Eric, Andrea & Nicholas (left to right).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Settling In

It is August 19th and Jenna has been home for a full month without any major travel events. Yea ! It has been a busy time and one of exciting new events. Jenna has taken her 1st steps on her own and is walking short distances with assistance.

She yells 'Beau' when he is outside chasing squirrels.

Also she really likes books...She already has her favorites that she likes read to her over and over again. Good thing Julie is a good narrator.

Jenna loves music with a good beat...she really loves to dance. A good musical tune will come on the radio or tv and she will start rocking to the beat. Too cute !